They need us. Environmentalists save the world.

Monarch butterfly on pink zinnia flower in my garden
Monarch butterfly on pink zinnia flower in my garden

It seems to me that the planet destroyers, need us, the environmental realists, to save them from themselves.

If it wasn’t for us tree huggers, the air would be too foul to breathe, the water too polluted to drink, and the soil too depleted to grow food. Humanity would be extinct. We would take many beings with us. 

Planet destroyer folks seem to be unable to understand and accept their total dependence on the Earth. 

Is it learned? Is it cultural, philosophical, religious beliefs or political ideology? Is it how brains are hardwired? Is it simply ego? 

Will they be able to adapt to the environmental and climate changes that are coming? They haven’t so far. The changes they have had to make so far the destroyers were made while kicking and screaming.

Instead of a planet destroyer mentality of how much damage can, we get away with? A better mentality is how little damage can we do? How can we keep the Earth as pristine as possible? I don’t accept that humans can go to the moon, clone animals, fly through the air, transplant organs, transfuse blood, calculate complex mathematics, and create beautiful objects of clay, cloth, and steel, but can’t design systems to protect the living Earth. 

The skills we have in growing food, building houses, habitat restoration, fighting forest fires, making trails, and understanding the ways of animals, fish, and birds, may save humanity. Share your skills. Share your understanding.

Stay strong my sisters and brothers. Keep fighting the good fight. Happy Earth Day.

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