Trout Lilly leaves

Trout Lilly leaves, originally uploaded by donnallong.

The Trout Lilly (Erythronium americanum)leaves are peaking out among the leaf litter. The beautiful blooms can’t be far behind. By the brown mottling on the leaves I think that this is the yellow flowered Trout Lilly. The white Trout Lilly are less mottled. But, I could be wrong. Well the blossom will tell.

The flower is a pretty yellow trumpet-shaped blossom.

What I can’t understand sometimes is why humans look to far away lands for garden flowers, when we have so many beautiful ones right here close to home.

I guess it is novelty. Or a need to mimic the rich Europeans of centuries past who flaunted their wealth by planting their gardens with evermore exotic flowers. Or is it simply discontentment. And not appreciating what we have?

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