Winter in Philadelphia

Pine conesicy dropletschickadeemourning dovecardinal at my feeder in winterjunco in my garden
snowy woodlandwind chime twirls during a snowstormbusy feedersnow gaugedark-eyed junco, slate-backedbusy feeder
snow covered seed headsleaf in the snowspeckled mourning dovewinter colorswinter loungewinter woods
winter woodswinter woodstelephone polebirds at feedersnow covered treestrees after a blizzard

Winter in Philadelphia, a set on Flickr.

The Winter Solstice was yesterday and the North Pole tilts away from the sun. The days grow longer and spring is two and one half months away.

Here are some of the winter photos I have taken around Philadelphia.

Via Flickr:
Winter nature photos taken around Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley from 2008 until present.

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