Winter Solstice and Full Moon

Full moon on Winter Solstice - 3

This evening at 6:30 pm, winter came in. With the cold breezes and bare tree branches, winter has been building up for several weeks. The last several days have been very cold.

The moon will be a full one tonight. Big and full in a cold night sky. After tonight the moon will grow darker each night until total darkness makes it a new moon. The days will grow longer, by a minute, until spring, when the equinox makes day and light, twelve hours equal.

There is something special and mysterious about the Winter Solstice and the full moon occurring on the same night. As last night was a total lunar eclipse, the mystery deepens even more.

If I worked magic, last night and tonight seemed like great nights to say a pray, cast a spell.

Silence and meditation seem just right tonight, to sit by a window with the moonlight highlighting your hair. The Great Mystery seems, just close enough to touch.

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