Winter Solstice Arrives

Eastern White Pine tree (Pinus strobus) - pine cones
Eastern White Pine tree (Pinus strobus) – pine cones

The Winter Solstice arrives this, Sunday the 22nd. I love and old-fashion Solstice celebration. With strong cider, even stronger ale and fearing table groaning with food.

I imagine Winter Solstice celebrations a time for prayer and gratitude. A time of reflection as the year turns toward growing daylight and anticipation of spring. Solemn processions of fiery torches held high against the dark night sky. And holy people offering prayers and burning incense.


  1. Hi Donna , thanks for all your great memos , we are blessed with a plethora of winter birds , having said that my wife’s favorite bird is the cardinal and unfortunately there aren’t any on Cape Breton Island , as for wood peckers my favorite is the hairy ( harry ) :-)) we are musicians and you can check out a song we wrote and devoted for our beloved wood pecker , proudly named “Harry Hairy Who” you can listen to it by going to our music web site

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